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Vacuum fittings Stainless Steel KF Clamp

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Clamp: Aluminum , Stainless Steel

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The typical KF assembly consists of two identical flanges, a centering ring and an aluminum clamp with a wing nut fastener. It can be frequently connected and disconnected without any tools.
The Vacuum is made by uniform pressure of clamp on the flanges. The mating flanges compresses the o-ring to generate the seal.
Blanks, flanges and fittings made from 304 SS material. Clamp is generally aluminum and o-ring made of Viton or NBR.

Also known as Hinge Clamps

Comes with stainless steel eye bolt, washer and wing nut

Require the following to create tight / vacuum seal

Elastomer O-Ring to seal each flange ending

Clamp to fasten each flange ending

Can be heated up to 150°C

Used to build process vacuum plumbing and systems for industrial applications

Used in industry such as Semiconductor, Scientific, R&D & Industrial applications

Fastens KF Flanges of corresponding size

These KF Swing Clamps Aluminium are easy to assemble, easy to clamp and unclamp without tools

Vacuum accessories: pipes, flanges, fittings and adaptor

KF Clamp

EVPartNumber Size A B C Material Order Number
EVCLA10 KF10 63 42.5 10 Aluminum C053
EVCLA16 KF16 63 42.5 16 Aluminum C054
EVCLA25 KF25 72 54 16 Aluminum C055
EVCLA40 KF40 90 70 16 Aluminum C056
EVCLA50 KF50 114 90 20 Aluminum C057
EVCLS10 KF10 63 42.5 10 304SS C058
EVCLS16 KF16 63 42.5 16 304SS C059
EVCLS25 KF25 72 54 16 304SS C060
EVCLS40 KF40 90 70 16 304SS C061
EVCLS50 KF50 114 90 20 304SS C062


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