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Stainless steel vacuum CF Feedthrough

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CF Feedthrough

CF Feedthrough


Because of its reliable sealing performance and good high-voltage insulation performance, it is widely used in ultra-high vacuum and high-vacuum systems. It is used to connect vacuum systems with external transmission voltage and current, electrical signals, temperature signals, measurement signals, etc.


After high-tech die pressing, stamping, high-temperature sintering, metallization, vacuum plating, brazing, leak detection and other processes, generally by vacuum ceramics, Kovar, stainless steel, oxygen-free copper and other materials, reliable quality.

Technical indicators

1.Voltage: from atmospheric pressure to 100KV.

2. Current: 1-1000A

3. Pressure range: 10-10 Pa to 20 Mpa

4. Temperature: -270 to 450 degrees

5. Flange Interface Forms: KF, CF, LF, etc.

6. Number of cores: 1-100 cores


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