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RVP Series Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

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The RVP series pumps are compact, low noise, two-stage, oil-sealed, high-vacuum pumps designed for reliable, long-term operation in both laboratory and industrial environments. A four-pole three-phase motor provides direct-drive through a flexible coupling.

It can be used for electric vacuum container manufacturing, vacuum welding, printing, blister, refrigeration equipment maintenance and equipment matching and laboratory.

Widely used in food, scientific research, medical, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, college laboratories.

Technical Data:

Model RVP10 RVP16 RVP24
Pumping speedm3/h 50Hz 9.9 14.4 20
60Hz 12 17.4 24
Ultimate pressurePa GP open 5
GP close 0.5
Motor kW 380V(3phases) 0.4(4poles) 0.55(4poles) 0.75(4poles)
220V(single phase)
Inlet KF25
Outlet G1
Vacuum pump oil RVP68
Oil capacity L 1.1 1.2 1~1.5
Weight kg 25 27 32
Model RVP30 RVP40 RVP60 RVP90
Pumping speedm3/h 50Hz 30 40 60 90
60Hz 36 48 72 108
Ultimate pressurePa GP open 3
GP close 0.5
Motor kW 3phases4poles 1.5 1.5 2.2 3.7
Inlet VG40 VG50
Outlet M50X1.5
Vacuum pump oil RVP68
Oil capacity L 1.2~2.8 2.5~4.2
Weight kg 63 65 87 101

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