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What to do if your vacuum pump breaks down – 8 frequently asked questions for you

Vacuum pumps
Common faults, troubleshooting and repair methods

Problem 1:
Vacuum pump failed to start
Problem 2:
The vacuum pump does not reach the ultimate pressure
Problem 3:
Pumping speed is too slow

Problem 4:
After stopping the pump, the pressure in the pumped container rises too quickly
Problem 5:
High temperature of the vacuum pump during operation
Problem 6:
Oil found in the vacuum line or in the vessel being pumped
Problem 7:
Excessive noise from the vacuum pump
Problem 8:
Turbidity and emulsification of vacuum pump oil

Possible causes and corresponding repair methods: Condensable gas condensation – degassing the oil or changing the oil and flushing the pump chamber can prevent such problems by opening the gas ballast valve in advance.

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Post time: Nov-10-2022