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Customizable vacuum welded bellows

Short Description:

1. Material :


2. Size: KF, ISO, CF,

3. Length: 250,500,750,1000 ,any customized length

Product Detail

Product Tags

Pressure resistance and durability, good flexibility, high flexibility, heat resistance and corrosion resistance

It can provide special welded bellows in semiconductor field, aerospace field, pharmaceutical and food processing field, vacuum equipment industry, photovoltaic industry and other fields.

The product has air tightness suitable for extremely high vacuum. The standard of helium mass spectrometry leak detection leak rate is 1×10-12pa · M ³/ s

More suitable materials can be selected according to the purpose for various temperatures and corrosive environments.


Flange shape as customers’ requirement

Flange periphery preset groove, welded with bellows(Material is better to accord with bellows)


Metal plate is punched into circle ring, plate thickness and sectional drawing as using condition.


Effect pressure resistance, durability, spring rate, etc.

Annule width

Effect flexibility, yielding, pressure resistance, durability, and spring rate, etc.


Effective diameter=(OD+ID)/2

Effective area=π*D2/2


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